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INTUITIVE EATING Group Coaching Course 

About Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a traditional diet. It doesn’t impose guidelines about what to avoid and what or when to eat. Instead, it teaches that you are the best person — the only person — to make those choices.

Intuitive eating integrates the mind-body connection through instinct, emotion, and rational thought. This process equips you to honor your body and health by paying attention to the messages your body sends to meet both your physical and emotional needs. The principles behind Intuitive Eating help you gain body attunement and remove obstacles that keep us from being attuned to our needs.

This 8 week course will deconstruct much of what you have learned around your body and dieting, and rebuild your knowledge and confidence. Through self-study, connection/accountability with others with similar experiences, and strengthening your knowledge and confidence in regards to your body and your needs, you will become an expert in the nutrition and eating habits that are just right for YOU.

Course Details

The course will be limited to 6 participants

Enrollment opens July 10th and closes August 1st

For a limited time a discount of $250 will be offered

Weekly meetings will take place on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:15pm beginning August 9th and ending October 4th

Video check-ins will take place using the free app, Marco Polo, on Sundays at your leisure.

All this for only $1250
($2500 value)

Sign up before 5:00pm July 19th and save $250!

In this course you will cover


Led by Dodi Darrow, CFHC

Dodi grew up in NC but has lived out west in California and Colorado for the past 16 years.  She returned to her roots last year with her husband and kids.  

She has her undergraduate degree in Corporate Wellness, a Masters in Theology, and is an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach.  She has coached and led fitness classes for over 20 years and leads mindfulness programs, guided meditations, and yoga/wellness retreats.  


Dodi is on a journey to teach others to cultivate healing and develop self compassion through meditation, somatic touch, and movement.  


How do I know if the Intuitive Eating course is right for me? This course is right for you if you want to feel confident in your food choices, stop thinking about food all the time, feel calm and in control around food, and remember how to trust your body's hunger and fullness cues. If you cope with your feelings through food, use exercise to negate the calories you eat, or feel guilt or shame about eating certain foods you will benefit from this course. If you are sick and tired of dieting and want a better relationship with your body then this course is a must!

Should I lose weight before I start Intuitive Eating? As long as you're holding onto the idea that just one more diet will work, or that losing X pounds will make you happier and ready to really start living, you'll never be free of diet culture.

How do I know if an Intuitive Eating Program is NOT right for me? You just want to lose weight, and do it quickly. You have an eating disorder. You are a high performance/paid athlete who needs to follow a specialized meal plan or count macros in order to reach performance goals. You are not ready to give up dieting. You want to count your calories/macros/food intake daily.

What if my BMI shows I'm obese? We are conditioned to think that higher weights lead to higher rates of disease and worse health outcomes. Study after study shows weight is NOT a good indicator of health. There are zero diseases (yep! zero) that occur ONLY in people of higher weights. Health at Every Size (HAES) is based upon dozens of clinical studies that show BEHAVIORS are the best predictors of your health, not your size. People of all sizes have similar health improvements when they change their behaviors, regardless of weight change. (95% of people gain the weight back after dieting, and two thirds gain MORE after dieting!) Our bodies are designed to push back against food restriction.

What if I cannot make it to every in-person session? If you know you will have to miss more than 1 in person session, wait for the next session. *We will make an allowance for a zoom call in for one session if you are out of town but can still attend on your device.

If I allow myself to eat anything, won't I always make unhealthy choices? This is a typical thought about Intuitive Eating. It is important to realize that diet mentality causes bingeing and overeating. Once you learn to make peace with all foods, and your body knows they can have these foods whenever you want, you'll truly be able to listen to your body's feelings of hunger and satisfaction. Sometimes your body will want less healthy foods, but often you'll find that when you're really listening to your body, the nutritious foods make you feel GOOD and you'll want more of those, because the less healthy options might not make you feel as great.

Can I get a refund? Due to the limited group size, no refunds will be offered.

What if you DON'T try Intuitive Eating?

Are you going to try another diet?  If so, ask yourself a few of the following questions:

How has that gone in the past?

Has it helped you LONG TERM?

How has diet culture made you feel around "forbidden" foods?

Do you feel guilt or shame around food?

Do you experience uncontrollable cravings, notice weight gain or a poor metabolism?

Have you developed disordered eating behaviors?

The truth is, dieting DOESN'T work.  

So what do you have to lose by trying Intuitive Eating?

I want in!

Thank you for your interest!

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